RFID Automatic Identification Technology Used in Clothing Store

RFID Automatic Identification Technology Used in Clothing Store

  • 2018/01/22
Combined with Internet of Things big data technology, data collected from clothing stores for in-depth analysis, you can give apparel companies with guidance of the data, such as customer behavior analysis, style try rate, sales rate, trend etc.

The main function module:

Member Management: Using long range UHF RFID reader can read 8-10 meters of passive membership card, when the customer with a membership card to the store, you can display the welcome words on the big screen, and shopping guide on the smart terminal related members of the information and shopping habits and other information.

Store clothing management: The use of handheld UHF RFID reader can quickly inventory, find the clothing store, quickly identify FCL or sporadic transfer information, reduce sales force labor intensity in order to better provide services.

Smart cashier: combined with fixed RFID reader, you can read the RFID clothing label and display the price and event discount information in the moment the clothing is put up.

Store loss prevention: the use of RFID's long-range identification capabilities, you can do a more covert store loss prevention management.

Anti-FALSIFYING: Market inspectors read RFID tags on apparel stores' clothing using Ethernet RFID reader and send the data to the backstage to know the true direction of the apparel and whether there are fake products.

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