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RFID Apparel Management Solution

RFID Apparel Management Solution

  • 2018/04/02
In recent years, with the development of information technology, the competition in the apparel industry has become increasingly fierce. Enterprises have evolved from simple cost-based competition to competition in production efficiency, logistics response chain, and intelligent management of stores. In particular, clothing stores directly face the final consumers. The management efficiency and customer experience of the stores will directly relate to the brand image and competitiveness of apparel companies.

System highlights
Fast inventory: Through industrial RFID handheld reader, 40 items can be read per second, which greatly improves the inventory speed, reduces the loss, helps the staff to liberate from the tedious work, and also improves the accuracy of the store's inventory data.

Speedy receipt: Ethernet RFID reader can receive goods at speeds of up to 5 seconds per box. The receiving personnel can quickly check the delivery note and realize real-time data transmission to ensure the consistency of logistics and data flow.

Quick finding: Store staff use industrial-grade RFID scanner to lock the designated apparel information, deliver the customer’s desired products to customers in a timely manner, and achieve rapid speed to find goods, avoiding loss of sales due to artificial “out of stock”. To increase sales revenue.

Benefit analysis

Reduce inventory backlog, reduce the risk of out-of-stock, increase sales opportunities, reduce the cost of human resources, speed up the logistics speed. With the market and consumers as the guide, establish a flexible supply chain system to enhance the core competitiveness. RFID technology can improve operational efficiency and prevent loss, reduce excessive dependence on people, and create an independent shopping platform.

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