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RFID Technology

Questions and Answers to Understand RFID Radio Frequency Identification

Questions and Answers to Understand RFID Radio Frequency Identification

  • 2018/11/23
1. What are the components of RFID system?
A: RFID consists of chips, antennas, readers, and middleware.

2. What are the advantages of RFID?
A: The biggest advantage is fast one-time multi-reading. Compared to bar-code, RFID does not require a light source, and can even read data from external materials. Long service life, can work in harsh environments, can be easily embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types. UHF RFID reader can handle multiple tags at the same time and The data access of the tag is password protected and the security is higher.

3. What is the difference between passive, semi-active and active RF systems?
A: Passive tags get the energy needed for work in the magnetic field generated by the passive RFID reader. The cost is very low and has a long service life. It is smaller and lighter than the active tag, and the read/write distance is closer. It is also called passive label. The active tag itself has battery power, longer read and write distance, large volume, and high cost compared with passive tags, also known as active tags.

4. Can the RF tag be used for metal objects?
A: Yes, but it needs to be processed by a special packaging process to make a metal-proof label.

5. How much information can the RF tag store?
A: Not necessarily. This needs to be determined based on the unreasonable capacity.

6. Can the RF tag be connected to the sensor?

A: Yes.

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