UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

Production Line Management Based on UHF RFID Technology

Production Line Management Based on UHF RFID Technology

  • 2017/12/01
The application of RFID technology in production management helps manufacturers to monitor the operation of production line equipment components and manage the products in and out of warehouses, and manage the warehousing of distribution centers.

Due to the non-visual reading of RFID technology and the multiple labels reading, multiple RFID reader read all of its logistics data at one time and accurately, which greatly enhanced the efficiency of process management in the supply chain of manufacturing enterprises.

Supply process management: System contains procurement control, order matching, supply cycle control, quality tracking, commissioning process control, in-transit cargo tracking.

Production process management: The key part of whole production, with material cost control, production statistics, pieces of statistics. According to user needs, solution with Ethernet RFID reader and labels can also achieve the production line equipment operation monitoring and management.

Logistics Management: Order product distribution, multi-library collaborative operations, storage warehouse, issuing operations, in and out of stock alarm, unsalable product statistics etc.

The system’s aim to achieve the "supply - production - logistics" optimized management, improve the efficiency of production processes, business cost control and management, effectively implementation of product logistics operation monitoring and management.

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