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  • PDA for Product Error Proofing Traceability Solutions
    • Sep , 26 2018

    It mainly includes three parts: basic data management, error prevention management and traceability management. The overall goal is to establish a comprehensive, integrated, advanced, and stable quality error prevention system, monitor key component assembly, and prevent artifacts from causing process leakage. It can standardize the product operation process and strictly requires the operation acc...

  • How to Choose the Handheld Terminal
    • May , 17 2018

    Handheld terminals have a wide range of applications in the rapidly developing modern society, and they are also widely used in the manufacturing industry. But how better to choose smart handheld terminal? 1. Application area If a user uses a PDA in a large stereoscopic warehouse, the storage location of the item is relatively high and the operator is far away from the operator. A UHF RFID handhel...

  • RFID Handheld Terminal for Hotel Applications
    • Nov , 02 2017

    The hotel is a comprehensive service group integrating dining, accommodation and entertainment. When the transaction or process become more and more, unable to meet the rapid trading needs of the business, it will cause a lot of business loss, and will face a difficult bottleneck. Therefore, RFID handheld terminal for data collection and real-time interaction to achieve business simplification, is...

  • How to choose a good Android RFID handheld terminal for yourself?
    • Jun , 02 2016

    As time goes,the continuous development of science and technology,readers and handheld terminals are play an important role in our lives.   As we all know,hardware equipment consists of Android RFID handheld terminal with RFID tags, and wireless access points. The design of RFID system is based on key business processes closely around the industry's core requirements and inspection operations...

  • Android PDA with Impinj R2000 chip speeds up your warehouse management efficiency
    • May , 18 2016

    With the fast expanding of informatization and intellectualization in the past 30 years,especially the expansion of e-commerce in the past 10 years, different large warehousesare established to store and transfer the orders/produces around the world. Thus, how to speed up the efficiency has become a tough topic. Based on the conception of technology, intelligence and high-efficiency, RFID technolo...

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