RFID Technology

RFID Technology

Personnel Management Based on RFID

Personnel Management Based on RFID

  • 2017/09/22
Personnel management is one of the most important part of security system in many applications, like staff access control, personnel identification and tracking in factory, school, company etc. Used for human face a chanllenge that body could absorb some of RFID signal. So the pesonnnel management system be high power and stability.

People access control; monitoring and attendance tracking belong to most demanded RFID applications. RFID based access control & monitoring systems are typically used for granting access or control the people attendance to office, enterprise, work place, car park, school, library, hotels, events & exhibition areas as well as for tracking employee time for payroll, safety, production and maintenance needs.

Long range and automatic attendance, without swiping cards;
Synchronous attendance for many staffs, and avoid the queuing situation;
With illegal alarm device, avoid the illegal entering;
Various kinds of configuration, and authorization setting for staff;

System operation is easy and practical, and convenient to maintain



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