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  • RFID Smart Medical-Passive Electronic Tag
    • Aug , 14 2020
    RFID Smart Medical-Passive Electronic Tag

    In recent years, the UDI (Unique Device Identification) system has been used internationally to give identification to medical devices, enabling them to have a unique "identity card" in the product supply chain to help simplify the tracking and recall of medical supplies. RFID electronic tags can track and record the entire life cycle of medical equipment produced. The RFID passive electronic tag ...

  • Real Time Location System using Passive UHF RFID
    • Jul , 08 2017

    RFID technology is becoming more and more popular these days and on its top stands passive UHF RFID technology for it's economical as well as practical benefits. Even though this technology is intended for inventory, several attempts have been made by several vendors in creating a real-time location tracking system using passive RFID solutions. The reason why passive UHF tags are so popular is its...

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