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Jewelry Industry RFID Management System Solution

Jewelry Industry RFID Management System Solution

  • 2018/06/29
With the rapid development of RFID asset management technology, the RFID asset management of jewelry is an important technology that facilitates inventory, sales, and improvement of management efficiency. Informationization of jewelry management will significantly improve the efficiency of jewelry companies, such as inventory, point warehouse, and warehouse And so on, in helping the company to complete the analysis of the information data of various types of product market acceptance, it can also check and verify the quantity of jewelry, reduce the loss rate of products, and manage errors.

The RFID asset management system mainly includes antennas, tags, UHF RFID readers, card issuing machines, back-office services, and related software. RFID asset management system has the characteristics of long-distance rapid identification, high reliability, high security, and easy operation. Here are some details:

1. RFID technology is simple to operate. The traditional jewelry management method is to read each jewelry card at a short distance. Now it is non-contact reading and writing, which can reach several meters or even ten meters. Reading is more convenient and efficient;

2. Industrial RFID reader Anti-pollution performance and durability, the current label waterproof, anti-pollution, durable, and strong anti-pollution performance;

3. The RFID tag can repeatedly add, modify, and delete data stored in the RFID to facilitate updating of the information;

4. RFID can penetrate reading and communication.

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