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  • New Generation of Intelligent UHF RFID Reader
    • Aug , 09 2017

    RFID has already become a part of our everyday life in the form of tickets, labels, access control and payments. A typical big store may require a lot of readers to cover point of sale, front/back room item movement, receiving dock doors, shelf replenishment management, and theft deterrence at entries, exits, and fitting rooms. Now, there are two typical types of readers available in the market, o...

  • Intelligent UHF RFID Reader for Industry 4.0
    • Jun , 19 2017

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), using the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range together with passive RFID tags, has gained more and more importance in the field of logistics as a method for automatic identification (Auto-ID). This is due to the advantages compared to other Auto-ID technologies. Currently RFID is often associated with the so called fourth industrial revolution, also referred to ...

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