fixed RFID reader

fixed RFID reader

Intelligent RFID Technology Warehousing Logistics Pallet Management

Intelligent RFID Technology Warehousing Logistics Pallet Management

  • 2019/07/24
With the diversification of production products, the types of materials in warehouse management are also diversified, the workload of warehouse management becomes larger, and warehouse management is very complicated and diverse. The traditional manual warehouse management mode has been difficult to meet the requirements of fast and accurate warehouse management. In order to increase the efficiency of enterprise management, the use of RFID technology warehouse logistics pallet management can make warehouse management more convenient. The warehouse goods are comprehensive and real-time supervised, realizing warehouse automation, informationization and digital management.

(1) Finished goods container storage

The barcode scanning system scans the barcode on the qualified finished container, and the reader writes the pallet barcode information into the electronic label and transmits the information to the central management system.

(2) Pallet container change or loose container assembly

The RFID mobile reader is used to re-associate the adjusted container data with the tag, write new information into the tag, and simultaneously update the central database.

(3) tray out of the warehouse

The electronic tag information is collected by the fixed RFID reader and the buried antenna, and uploaded to the central management system, and the system decompresses the data to form the container barcode information.

(4) Distribution center receiving

The tray can be scanned in the reading area for 2-3 seconds to complete the scan of the container on the entire tray, without the need to disassemble the single-piece scan code and then install it.

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