RFID Based Solution

RFID Based Solution

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Based on UHF RFID

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Based on UHF RFID

  • 2020/10/16

Apply RFID technology to the management of modern parking lots, it can effectively manage the parking lot. It has the characteristics of orderly entry and exit of vehicles, simple procedures, fast speed, safety and anti-theft, management automation, fair and reasonable fees, no loss of fees and fewer management personnel. Access to database and internet, through the Internet, it can even be extended to the unified management of the parking lot of the entire city and even the entire country, thus solving the shortcomings of single parking lot management and not universal.

Introduction to RFID principle

RFID is mainly composed of a UHF RFID tags as a data carrier, a UHF RFID reader for reading the data in the card, and a software control platform.When the vehicle equipped with UHF RFID tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the radio frequency signal from UHF RFID reader,tag sending out product information stored in the chip(Passive, passive tag) or actively send a signal of an UHF frequency((Active, active tag), after the UHF RFID reader reads and decodes the information, it is sent to the central information system for relevant data processing.

System hardware overall structure


The reader is mainly composed of radio frequency transmitting and receiving circuit and MCU.When the ground induction coil senses that the vehicle enters and exits, the computer sends a command, and the corresponding reader turns on the electromagnetic emission signal to activate the tag entering the work area. At the same time, the reader amplifies the UHF carrier signal sent by the received tag transmitter. After modulation and decoding, it becomes a digital signal and sends it to the computer.

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Composed of processor, memory, antenna in tag, and modulation and demodulation circuit. The tag is usually in a sleep state. When it enters the working area of the system, it is activated by the radio signal from the antenna and emits a unique encrypted identification code radio signal.The radio signal from the reader's antenna provides energy for the normal operation of the passive tag and the transmission of UHF electromagnetic waves.


The controller realizes the communication between the MCU and the computer, controls the data transmission between the reader and the computer, the data collection of the ground induction coil and the vehicle induction system,and preprocess the collected data.

System software structure

The database and multi-threaded technology are used to realize the management system of data collection and information processing. It has the functions of label reading and writing setting and information management, data statistics, real-time display, historical data query, system update and maintenance. In addition, the database system can also provide Web-based Network publishing and query functions.

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