UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

How to Read the Data of UHF RFID Large Capacity User Area

How to Read the Data of UHF RFID Large Capacity User Area

  • 2019/01/22
When using the existing RFID Demo software, the length of the read operation cannot exceed 255 words, which is 510 bytes. This is also the upper limit of the amount of data read by Gen2. Reading too much data at a time will also cause the performance of the reading to be unstable. In fact, reading 128 words at a time is not stable. This is related to the performance of the specific label. When actually doing the project, it should be sufficient. After testing, choose an appropriate value as the number of single reads and writes.

There are a lot of UHF RFID tags in the user area, such as 1K bytes, how to read the large-capacity data area? There are two ways to read 1K bytes of data as an example:

Call the readWait SYNC API 4 times, reading 128 words each time;

ReadWait offset=0, size=128 words;

ReadWait offset=128, size=128 words;

ReadWait offset=256, size=128 words;

ReadWait offset=384, size=128 words;

Call the “Actions.TagAccess.Operation Sequence.performSequence” ASYNC API multiple times (recommended this way - good performance)

If 128 words is unstable, you can read 64 words, 32 words or less each time, and the number of calls increases accordingly. The read and write performance of different UHF RFID reader is different. According to the actual test, the amount of read and write data of a single sequence is adjusted; the number of calls is increased accordingly.

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