Portable Handheld Terminal

Portable Handheld Terminal

How to Choose the Handheld Terminal

How to Choose the Handheld Terminal

  • 2018/05/17

Handheld terminals have a wide range of applications in the rapidly developing modern society, and they are also widely used in the manufacturing industry. But how better to choose smart handheld terminal?

1. Application area
If a user uses a PDA in a large stereoscopic warehouse, the storage location of the item is relatively high and the operator is far away from the operator. A UHF RFID handheld reader with a large depth of field, a long reading distance, and a high first reading rate should be selected.

2. Operating system
The operating system includes Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and a handheld terminal without an operating system.
Industrial Android Tablet
3. Memory Capacity
The memory capacity of the handheld terminal determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity must correspond to the CPU processing speed. Hopeland’s Android handheld terminal has 2G RAM and 16G ROM, powered with Samsung quad core CPU.

4. Coding Range
The handheld terminal can recognize more than a dozen different code systems such as EAN codes and UPC codes, but there are great differences. In the application of logistics companies, we must also consider EAN128 code, 39 yards, and so on.

5. Protection Level
The higher degree of protection ensures that the PDA can operate stably in harsh industrial environments and ensure work efficiency.

6. Communication capabilities
As an extension of the computer network system, the data and processing results collected by the handheld terminal are exchanged with the computer system. Now smart RFID handheld reader could transmit data via WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and so on.

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