fixed RFID reader

fixed RFID reader

How to Choose an Ideal RFID Reader

How to Choose an Ideal RFID Reader

  • 2017/10/27
Not all of the RFID reader devices with same specification, because different environmental conditions. So how to choose an ideal RFID reader products for your projects? First of all to understand the four parts of RFID system: tags, RFID readers, antennas, management software.

1. Distinguish what RFID protocol
If the reader is different from the label protocol, the tag will not be read. Commonly used protocols are 18000-6B, 18000-6C or EPC-GEN2. Each protocol has different characteristics and is suitable for different applications. If an RFID tag already exists, it must be determined that the selected reader is supporting the electronic tag. For RFID tags that have multiple protocols at the same time, RFID readers are required to support multiple protocols at the same time.

2. How many labels and data to read each time
Due to the different applications, the number of labels required to read is also different. Sometimes need to read only one label at a time, sometimes need to read more than one label, and the amount of data per label is relatively large. Different manufacturers and models of RFID readers in reading multiple labels and a lot of data in this regard is relatively large, especially once read a lot of data, read the speed will directly affect the performance. Hopeland’s fixed RFID reader could read 400pcs of labels one time and store over 100,000pcs of data offline.

3. Antenna matching
RFID readers have 2 types, hand-held and fixed, for the need of moving will choose handheld RFID reader terminal. For those who do not need to move, fixed RFID reader. Handheld terminals and antennas are basically one, you need to select the antenna efficiency of the reader. In some intelligent patrol, warehouses and other occasions, you could choose RFID reader handheld, to facilitate mobile reading information.
For fixed readers, sometimes need to consider multiple directions of the antenna, to select the reader can work with multiple antennas, in order to facilitate the installation of all directions to ensure that the label can be read, so the choice of the antenna is also very important.

Any way, we need for a wide range of considerations before choose RFID readers. If you can properly grasp the above three points, basically you can choose the right RFID reader. If you have more questions to ask, please ask Hopeland for further communication.


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