How to choose a UHF reader

How to choose a UHF reader

  • 2019/07/15
1, Business needs and application scenarios
The choice of UHF readers must first meet the business needs and suit the application scenario. This depends on the read range, read and write speed of the reader, and the suitability of the application environment.
2, CPU, memory capacity
The memory capacity of the portable UHF RFID reader determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity corresponds to the CPU processing speed. If you use a low-performance CPU and blindly increase its memory capacity, it will increase the processing and waiting time when users use it.

3, Power consumption and battery life
The portable UHF reader is powered by the built-in battery. If there is no power in the work, it will inevitably reduce the efficiency of the staff. Therefore, in the choice of portable UHF readers, it is necessary to consider the reader's power consumption and battery life, whether it can meet the actual business needs.

4, The degree of protection
The higher the level of protection, the more expensive the price. The high level of protection ensures that portable RFID readers operate stably in harsh industrial environments, ensuring productivity. It is especially important to choose a reader that meets the protection level requirements.

5, The reputation and strength of the supplier
Word of mouth is built on product quality and service. When selecting a UHF RFID supplier or UHF RFID manufacturer, you need to fully understand the productivity, innovation, after-sales service and product quality.

6, The price
In addition to considering the hardware price of the RFID reader, the cost of the development tool, the hidden cost in the application software development process, and the maintenance cost after the product is put into use need to be considered.

Different types of UHF RFID reader, the price difference is also relatively large. In practical applications, it can be selected according to the needs of the application.

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