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Gas Cylinder Management RFID Solution

Gas Cylinder Management RFID Solution

  • 2018/12/24
With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders has also increased dramatically. Liquefied petroleum gas has many problems, such as wide use, large quantity, large liquidity, harsh use environment and lagging regulatory measures, which cause huge safety hazards.

Under this background, it is urgent to strengthen the government safety supervision of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, implement the policy of cylinder construction, fixed-point filling, and regular inspection, and establish a networked dynamic gas cylinder safety management system.

RFID technology has played a key role in this management system. Through RFID technology, the identity of the gas cylinder can be quickly and accurately identified, the production efficiency can be improved, and the gas cylinder to be inspected can be prevented from flowing into the production process, resulting in quality hazards.

Specific process:

1. First, establish a computer resume file database of gas cylinders.

2. Use the RFID handheld reader to read the electronic label of the gas cylinder, and the on-site operation data of the process of sending and receiving the gas cylinder, pre-charge inspection, filling and filling, re-inspection, and periodic inspection are collected and registered.

3. Alarms and prompts for abnormal and bad cylinders.

4. At the gas station, register the gas cylinders entering and leaving the gas supply station to prevent other gas cylinders from entering the enterprise through the gas station channel.

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