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RFID Management

Fire Equipment RFID Management Project Application

Fire Equipment RFID Management Project Application

  • 2018/03/15
The RFID-based fire-fighting equipment management system binds the corresponding asset information in the background by installing RFID electronic tags on the fire-fighting equipment. Through the collection of RFID electronic tag information at key nodes and processes, the detailed information of the assets can be accurately obtained.

The basic framework of the system is as follows:

1. A passive RFID tag is attached to all fire-fighting equipment within its jurisdiction. There is a memory on the tag, which can record the purchase time, expiration time, installation time, person in charge, number of inspections and other information of the fire-fighting equipment.

2. The system creates an electronic file of fire fighting equipment, which is stored in the centralized server of the management department and provides the expiration alarm function.

3. Each unit inspector and supervisory personnel are equipped with a RFID handheld reader. The terminal can communicate with RFID tags on various fire fighting equipment and can also communicate with the host computer (management computer).

4. Each sampling personnel receives the sampling plan from the management department, and then arrives at the designated unit, which in turn reads the fire fighting equipment of the unit. At this time, an inspection record will be formed in the handheld terminal, if the equipment is found damaged or not normal, the sampling personnel will make corresponding choices on the handset and save it in the sampling records.

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