UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

Differences Between RFID and Common Anti-fake Technology

Differences Between RFID and Common Anti-fake Technology

  • 2017/12/07
The Internet of Things has been slowly penetrating into our daily life. The exchange of information between things and things and between people and things has been further reflected. One of its core technologies, RFID radio frequency technology, has gradually entered market.

With the development of RFID technology and the decrease of the price of RFID tags and passive RFID tag reader, which automatically identify the target objects and obtain relevant data. This technology has the tendency of replacing the bar code and 2D code.

Most important, the future development. Due to the strong demand of individual users in the future, a single product can not meet the future development and market demand. In the future, RFID technology will be combined with sensors, GPS and biometrics to be developed from single identification to multi-function identification.

Compared to other anti-fake technology, RFID has advantages below:

  • The world's only ID security chip, can not be modified, can not be copied.
  • Flexible installation to ensure that the chip is not removable, not portable.
  • Tags can be based on the actual needs of different materials.
  • Chip built-in 96bit and lager storage, can be written into the factory information, encryption.

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