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Design of RFID-based Smart Hotel System

Design of RFID-based Smart Hotel System

  • 2018/06/27
The intelligent service of the hotel is a goal pursued by the high-class hotel. It can provide guests with special services to make guests have a special feeling and leave a deep impression on the guests; at the same time, it can also establish the unique brand of the hotel. The RFID-based smart hotel system has enhanced the level of intelligent services and management for high-grade hotels, enriched the service content, and laid a solid foundation for guests to provide other special services.

1. VIP guidance system
For the hotel's VIP guests, the hotel will offer RFID VIP card in advance. When the VIP guest enters the hotel or enters the car park by car, the system will send information about the VIP guests to the store through the RFID reader device at the entrance. Automatically and promptly notify the corresponding hotel management personnel and service personnel to remind them of the appropriate services so that the guests feel more respect.

2. Floor navigation system
When guests stay at the hotel and check in, they will bring the room card to the passenger elevator. The long range RFID reader will automatically identify and send the relevant information to the backstage via the Internet to obtain the relevant information of the guests. The passenger elevator will reach the floor where the guest arrives and get out of the elevator. The integrated LCD screen in the hallway will show the guest's room arrow directions, and the system will send a signal to the room intelligent control system.

3. Banquet/Conference Management System

By installing RFID readers inside and outside the entrance of the ballroom and multi-function hall, and using service personnel's portable RFID reader, automatically recognize and enter the conference room. After the RFID tag, the corresponding personnel, time, and location of the RFID tag are obtained and recorded automatically. Including the number of people who should arrive at the meeting, and the number of people who are currently available.

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