fixed RFID reader

fixed RFID reader

Common Problems and Solutions for RFID Readers

Common Problems and Solutions for RFID Readers

  • 2017/11/24
According to our customers' feedback from years, the first time using RFID reader device, they often encounter some common problems. In fact, the solution is very simple, but many people have not used the device, do not know how to rule out the reason. Today let’s carefully finishing a few of the most common problems and the corresponding solutions for your reference.

1, Interference between multiple readers
When there are two or more readers working at the same time, in order to do not interfere with each other, reader installation and debugging ensure that the following requirements:
(1) The distance between two readers is more than 3 meters
(2) The operating frequency of two adjacent readers are set to 920MHz-925MHz frequency hopping, reading time interval should be staggered.

2, Short reading distance
Commonly UHF long range RFID reader could at least read 5-20 meters distance, some setting must be wrong if it could not reach the range.
(1) Check the reader frequency settings are correct. Working mode should choose frequency hopping, frequency hopping range 920MHz - 925MHz.
(2) Check label and antenna polarization direction match.
(3) Check label surface is covered with other materials like metal.
(4) Check the RFID label's properties.
(5) Check the RF cable connected to reader and antenna.

3, Can not read card
(1) Whether the serial cable or the network cable is properly connected, if the cable is not connected or the connection is not secure, the PC command can not be sent to the reader.
(2) Check whether the RFID antenna SMA connector is tightened and the label is damaged.
(3) Check if the label complies with the ISO18000-6B / C protocol.

(4) Check if the label is damaged.

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