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Application of RFID Technology in Clothing Industry

Application of RFID Technology in Clothing Industry

  • 2017/11/27
RFID technology has been applied to many aspects of the apparel industry, achieving real-time tracking of goods throughout the supply chain, management for the number of commodities, sales and other information. Provide managers real, effective and timely management and decision support information, in order to reduce operating costs, improve profitability.

According to reports, the clothing industry, the typical scene of the application of RFID technology has below 3:

1. Production part (corresponding scene - factory)
Each piece of clothing with a RFID tag can contain all the information from the production to the sale of information, so that workers can accurately and efficiently locate the problem may occur. In the production process, using RFID tags can manage and control the production schedule and scheduling.

2. Warehouse part (corresponding scene - warehouse)
The passive RFID reader, with multi-target identification and non-visual identification features, can improve the receiving, picking, delivery, inventory and other storage operations efficiency and inventory management accuracy.

3. Sales part (corresponding scene - stores)

At stores, staff can use RFID handheld readers for data collectioin. Consumers buy clothing, the sales staff with the RFID tag reader to show consumers detailed information on clothing, RFID tags can be recycled after the sale of goods to save costs.

Through RFID handheld readers or special inventory devices, it achieve real-time inventory of goods in stock, significantly reduce inventory time, improve inventory accuracy. At the same time, integrated RFID-enabled display devices and other equipment can better display to customers the details of the product, including wearing effect, with recommendations, to facilitate staff to provide customers with more personalized service.

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