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RFID Solution

Application of RFID in Underground Pipeline Identification Management

Application of RFID in Underground Pipeline Identification Management

  • 2018/07/25

The management and application of RFID technology in underground pipeline identification and inspection has been put on the agenda by more and more underground pipeline management departments in recent years. And in the gas, water, communications and other fields RFID solution have achieved good applications.

The most basic RFID system consists of three parts:
1. Label: It consists of a coupling component and a chip. The tag contains a built-in antenna for communication with the RF antenna.
2. IoT RFID Reader: A device that reads tag information.
3. Antenna: Send RF signals on the tag and reader.

Underground electronic signs applied to underground pipelines are generally low-frequency, passive, and loosely coupled cards. They are different from the commonly used RF cards in the market. The buried electronic identification requires the following conditions:
1. The structure is hard, resistant to pressure, acid and alkali, and waterproof.
2. The ability to penetrate obstacles, at least have the ability to wear off the cement road.
3. Strong anti-interference ability, at least can distinguish between more than 8 different professional underground pipeline signs.
4. The long warranty period requires that the life of the RFID be as long as the identified underground pipeline.

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