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RFID Management

Application of RFID Electronic Tags in the Clothing Industry

Application of RFID Electronic Tags in the Clothing Industry

  • 2021/11/16

With the rapid development of the IoT technology, the types of applications based on RFID technology have become more and more extensive, and the clothing field is no exception. The introduction of RFID technology in the clothing production process facilitates the full tracking of the production process, provides a real-time and accurate production and operation data information basis, and provides strong support for responding to the rapidly changing market situation. There are various types of RFID tags in clothing production, such as woven label RFID tag, coated paper RFID tag, silicone washing RFID tag, PPS laundry label, ABS label and so on.

Woven Label RFID Tag

Coated Paper RFID Tag

These are mainly derived from the following advantages of RFID electronic tags:

  • The reading distance of UHF RFID electronic tags is longer;
  • UHF RFID electronic tags have strong security and confidentiality;
  • UHF RFID electronic tags can identify high-speed moving objects;
  • UHF RFID electronic tags can simultaneously recognize multiple objects simultaneously;
  • UHF RFID electronic tags can be reused and have a large amount of data memory.

One of the essential parts of the process is UHF RFID electronic tags. UHF RFID technology has the characteristics of simultaneously identifying multiple tags. The tags can be quickly read through the non-contact identification of Hopeland UHF RFID Reader, which greatly improves the logistics efficiency.

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