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RFID Technology

Application and Advantages of RFID Technology in Parking System

Application and Advantages of RFID Technology in Parking System

  • 2018/08/02
The operation of the RFID smart card parking management system is centered on the process of the user's vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot. Based on the RFID technology, the RFID vehicle tag or the electronic license plate is used to integrate the user's individual and the vehicle information he owns into the database. When driving into the parking lot, the long range RFID reader (3-10 meters) automatically senses the vehicle information, so that the owner can quickly enter the parking.

1. Effectively enhance the safety management of vehicles
After adopting the intelligent parking lot management system, the monthly rent card and the stored value card consumers record the corresponding data in the computer, and the card can be reissued in time after the card is lost. In the case of equipped with image contrast equipment, all types of parking cards have a license plate number archive, one card is dedicated, the license plate does not prompt the computer at any time, and warns.

2. Durable and reliable, fully automated operation
The RFID parking management system adopts a passive RFID card, which is maintenance-free, has a long service life, is fully sealed, and is free from contact. Therefore, it is dustproof and waterproof. It does not need to manually open the gate. The system automatically reads the card, checks the card, and opens the gate.

3. Unattended mode
Reduce labor costs, support high-definition cameras, and achieve vehicle image comparison, so that vehicle information can be checked and checked in and out. To achieve multi-card coexistence, the system supports most IC cards and ID cards at home and abroad, which facilitates the classification management and provides good services for car owners and their vehicles.

4. Solid anti-fake performance

The RFID system uses complex encryption algorithms to make RFID identification cards difficult to forge.

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