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Application Analysis of RFID Technology in Airport Management

Application Analysis of RFID Technology in Airport Management

  • 2017/12/12
With the rapid development of economic, the civil aviation industry has been an unprecedented development, the airport passenger and freight traffic continues to increase, people also require higher and higher quality of service for the airport. Many large-scale airports at home and abroad are also gradually using RFID technology to improve airport operation and service efficiency.

1. The baggage sorting management
Baggage sorting management system workflow is: the check-in counter, the luggage was labeled with RFID labels; after security, luggage was transported to the entrance of the baggage handling system; in the system will use an UHF passive RFID reader and 4 UHF RFID antenna to form a full range coverage and obtain tag information, classified tracking, until the luggage reach hands of passengers.

The RFID sorting management system meet the fast and multiple data collection, as UHF RFID reader can simultaneously read multiple RFID tags. Moreover, RFID tags can be repeatedly added, modified, deleted RFID tag data stored in order to facilitate the update of information.

2. Aircraft maintenance tracking and maintenance
Tracking of aircraft parts labels reduces the production of counterfeit goods and ensures that each part is delivered on time. Through the tracking system to ensure that the maintenance tools in the warehouse and the visibility of the use of the process could improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Airport warehouse management
Large airports have a lot of cargo, it takes a lot of time for management. Through the RFID tag on the goods, you can use RFID reader handheld to grasp the unique status of the goods like number of goods, location and other information for easy cargo management.

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