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Apparel Industry RFID Data Collector Applications

Apparel Industry RFID Data Collector Applications

  • 2018/05/11
Clothing products are a fashion product. Many factors such as the season of sales, the location of sales, the taste level of consumers, fashion trends, and the price of the product will affect the sales of products. Therefore, real-time tracking of sales status is a very important management content for apparel industry companies.

Hopeland has created an RFID/barcode data collection and management system for garment industry companies. It uses a mobile solution to carry out real-time data collection from stores and stores via RFID tracking systems to address garment industry in warehouse management. And problems faced in supply chain management.

System features
1. Over-the-counter sales automation: The use of RFID tag/barcode data collector can realize the information collection function in the special counter, and can complete the functions of sales, returns, counter inventory, inventory, collection and other sales automation operations.

2. Counter inventory and find the goods: counter inventory and find the goods for each special cabinet is a very tedious, error-prone work. Using a handheld RFID reader or data collector can easily counter inventory and find goods, improve work efficiency, without any inventory errors.

3. Return Control: In the market competition, all manufacturers are improving the quality of service, allowing customers to return. Through statistical analysis of returns, it is possible to accurately identify product quality issues and investigate accountability departments, responsible units, and responsible persons.

4. Shopping mall reconciliation: Generally, the goods sold by the exclusive sales counters are all collected by the shopping malls. Using the RFID retail system, the daily sales records in the data collector are automatically corresponding to each account of the shopping mall, so that the reconciliation work can be clearly understood.

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