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Android PDA with Impinj R2000 chip speeds up your warehouse management efficiency

Android PDA with Impinj R2000 chip speeds up your warehouse management efficiency

  • 2016/05/18

With the fast expanding of informatization and intellectualization in the past 30 years,especially the expansion of e-commerce in the past 10 years, different large warehousesare established to store and transfer the orders/produces around the world. Thus, how to speed up the efficiency has become a tough topic.

Based on the conception of technology, intelligence and high-efficiency, RFID technology is imported to warehouse management system. Different Transnational corporations are paying high priorities on how to speed up the efficiency including hardware parts and software solution. Given the technology backdrop,Impinj R2000 from Impinj which setup in 2002 has got good reputations due to its high performance and stability, especially for multiple tags reading inventory and warehouse management. Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. focusing on rugged fixed RFID reader since 2003, is one of the leading professional manufacturers that can provide the high-efficient solution.

Long Range Android RFID Handheld Reader Terminal CL7202K3

Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. CL7202K3 as the rising up star product, has the main features/advantages as follows:

1.Latest Android 5.1 with large memory of2GB RAM, 16GB INAND Flash can ensure fast fluency and smooth operating experience;

2.UHF hardware module integrated based on Impinj R2000 can guarantee the performance and stability especially for inventory and warehouse management;

3.Large external circular antenna with gain of 4 dBi can make the reading distance up to 8 meters which is significant for different items in different cabinets from different directions;

4.Optional camera which exists in the same device can monitor/manage all the items in the large warehouse dynamically;

5.      Pistol grip design conception based ergonomics can provide the friendly experience for end users;

6.Two-battery up to 7700mAh design conception can ensure the long working time for one-shift;

The SDK which would be provided together with the sample device would be efficient guideline which includes the user manual, demo source codes and regular tools before the secondary development. The strong R&D team which has more than 700 engineers and the professional key account managers would be ready to provide the considerate/skillful service to ensure the high-success ratio of different projects, during the whole working life of the device including pre-sell, after-sell, development, maintenance.

Are you still helpless in the inefficiency of your warehouses? Are you still innocent about the complaints from customers? Are you still confused how to improve you're our house management system efficiency? Please do not hesitate now, time is everything now. We are not only the hardware manufacturer, we are the professional solution consultation. Please enjoy your journey at https://www.hopelandrfid.com/long-range-android-rfid-handheld-reader-terminal-cl7202k3_p8.html

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