Barcode pharmaceutical logistics hardware solutions-Handheld Terminal

Barcode pharmaceutical logistics hardware solutions-Handheld Terminal

  • 2020-12-18

What are the barcode drug logistics data information?

Drugs data

title, variety, retail price in shopping malls, packaging method, quantity, measurement, taking method, expiry date, etc.; sales chain management: information on distributors' natural conditions, historical sales data, retailer composition and change information, summary by shopping malls Transaction processing calculation data, etc.; extended functions: clinical effect query information, bank acceptance and settlement, etc.

Logistics data
Current time sales data, center secondary drug inspection data, drug circulation time point data, drug in transit and storage data, sales plan composition data, order purchase data, settlement interaction data, timely supply and successive compensation demand data, return and exchange data, etc.

Hardware architecture

It consists of the local area network of the sales center of the pharmaceutical factory and the dealer data collection terminal. The sales center local area network consists of a server, a drug logistics data database, and sales chain logistics information management software. The dealer visiting terminal consists of a barcode scanner, an upper computer, etc.

Hopeland's new designed masterpiece- 12m long reading handheld terminal can meet the demand.

Its circular polarization antenna can have a wide scanning range, flexible use, accurate reading of tags, improve work efficiency, can be widely used in many different applications,asset and Inventory Checking, retail & Warehousing, highway traffic & fleet management,expenses & finance management...

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