Banking Management

Banking Management

  • 2016-01-05


With the rapid development of national economy, the bank continues to expand the scale of business, increasing sales outlets, equipped with a lot of cash, notes, seals and other cash boxes, storage and frequent daily circulation between the treasury and bank outlets.

The transfer of the cash boxes out of storage management is still using the traditional manual practices, not only labor-intensive, low efficiency, and because the cash drawer out of the vault simply registration number, did not check the registration details such as cash box number, network name, out of storage time elements of information out of storage cashbox real to the enemy, there is a serious security vulnerability.


1, Achieved the bank cash boxes management intensive, real-time, automated. Docking with the bank's existing vault management system platform, the high management level of banks increased effectively.

2, Through the application of the system to makethe cash box out of storage quickly and accurately, completely changed the traditional vault manual working, shorten the timespan, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy.

3, Using the handheld reader capture tag information of the cash boxes bank and transfer to vault management system platform, can avoid risks effectively like taking wrong cash boxes, forgeting to take the cash boxes etc. .

4, Improved the bank's ability to monitor the status of cash boxes, the bank alerted in real-time through the system when cash box in vault, escort on the way, business outlets status information. Avoid the cash box monitor blind spots and huge risk caused by the not timely feedback .

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