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Fixed Asset is the most important part of enterprise assets composition. It guarantees the production and management, and plays a significant role for enterprise financial condition. Therefore, strengthening the assets management for complete, value maintained and value added, and making full use of the assets, is an important task for enterprise's management.

RFID automatic collection and wireless remote transmission function enable real-time updates of assets changing information and system information, enable real-time monitoring and records for the workflow implementation by the backend system, make the manager can timely know about the asset allocation and usage in the office. By establishing the safe and reliable asset file, through strengthening the supervision of assets, allocating resources reasonably, reducing waste of resources, and preventing loss of assets.


Ø  Status of traditional Assets Management

1. Large quantity and various kinds of assets make management difficulty

2.  Lack of management system and information makes low working efficiency

3.  Assets inventory consumes time and labor, which is also easily being mess up

4.  Asset information is not consistent with the actual assets condition;

5. Operating costs can't be checked and figured out timely and accurately.

Ø  The effect of RFID technology in Assets Management

1.Advanced information collection device instead of the traditional manual management

2.  Avoid the influence of artificial factors in the process of inventory counting

3.  Business processes are improved and optimized greatly

4.  The data processing efficiency are improved greatly

5.  Data accuracy will have qualitative leap


1. Improve inventory accuracy and efficiency as well as information transparency

2. Reduce the cost of inventory and improve the audit efficiency

3. Automation helps reduce error rateimprove assets security

4. Real-time feedback can timely remind operators paying attention to the differences

5. Convenient for the asset manager to make further investigation of the using condition

How it work?

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification. A typical RFID system consists of RFID Reader, RFID Antenna and RFID Tags.

1. Assets Management Tags (with global unique ID number)

2. Information collection terminal (Fixed Reader, Antenna, Handheld Reader)

3. Fixed assets management RFID system

Flow Chart:

1. Desktop RFID Reader is used to initialize the data of the RFID Tags, and associate the device information and Tags information 

2. Fixed RFID reader is settled in the computer room and warehouse entry/exit. It complements the monitoring of loading and unloading, inventory, the assets, and use location. It would alarm once the actual location and database location is not corresponding. 

3. Handheld RFID reader is used for daily asset inventory and management of assets position movement. It realizes the asset location tracking.

You may need follow devices:



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