• 2021-01-21
For the retail industry, the core competitiveness is a low-cost and efficient logistics supply chain system. The problems of high inventory cost, low service efficiency and low information accuracy bring great trouble to retailers. Bullwhip effect refers to a phenomenon of demand variation amplification in the supply chain. When the information flow in the supply chain is transferred from the end customer to the original supplier, because it can not effectively share the information, the information is distorted and gradually amplified, which leads to more and more fluctuations in demand information. Therefore, in order to let the market information be fed back to the original suppliers most intuitively, the visualization of supply chain is urgently needed by enterprises, and the electronic label is an effective way to achieve this goal.

Using RFID technology to manage the supply chain can improve the efficiency of finished goods in and out of warehouse and the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse inventory, reduce the error rate of finished goods delivery, avoid the out of stock and fleeing of specific goods, and realize the fine inventory management, which has a great prospect.

RFID tags can accurately and timely transmit the traceable data of consumers in clothing stores to clothing manufacturers, so that Zara and H & M advocate fast fashion clothing manufacturers can adjust the production types and batches in real time according to the sales volume of stores, realize the on-demand production of clothing categories and sizes, zero inventory, and then grow to today's scale.

Electronic labels make the supply chain of garment enterprises visible. Manufacturers can get the most intuitive feedback information from the market to deal with the instability of production, supply, inventory management and marketing, and seize the market opportunities.

In the near future, RFID chips will focus on the logistics and express industry, and will be led and promoted by China. Throughout the world, the leader of e-commerce express industry is China. The number of express delivery in China has increased from 65 billion last year to 80 billion this year. Such a huge scale of express delivery is unmatched by any country in the world. The characteristics of anti-counterfeiting, traceability and batch identification of RFID tags are the guarantee of express delivery and logistics transportation safety.

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