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RFID Module/Board

RFID Module/Board

8-port UHF RFID Reader Board HL7206C8A

8-port UHF RFID Reader Board HL7206C8A

HL7206C8A is UHF RFID reader module board for developing 8-port fixed RFID reader. Based on Impinj R2000 chip platform, with 8 channels of SMA interfaces for RFID antennas. It support multiple-tag and long range reading, suitable for applications like gate access control, warehouse management, asset management etc.
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  • Frequency:

  • Air Protocols:

    ISO/IEC18000-6B,6C / EPC C1Gen2
Products Details
  • ISO 18000-6C/6B, EPC Global C1G2 /C2G2 supportable UHF RFID transceiver
  • Multiple interfaces help to accelerate system development speed
  • Seamlessly compatible with RFID middleware
  • Fully interoperable in different global regulatory environments such as US, EU, GB
  • Different developing languages SDK meet different developer needs



Hardware, OS and Firmware Management


ARM9, 400MHz

Operating System

Linux 2.6

Firmware Upgrade

Demo software / Telnet

API Support

Windows – .NET, C++ and Java SDK
Android - Java
Linux platform – C and Java SDK

Physical Characteristics





RFID Characteristics

Air Protocols

ISO/IEC18000-6B,6C / EPC C1Gen2 


ImpinjIndy R2000



Programing Functions

Automatic reading/ White list

Breakpoint Resume / Match reading / Data filter

Output Power:

0dBm-30dBm (±1dBm) adjustable

Channel bandwidth:


Reading Distance

0-20m (According to antenna &application)


Support multi-tag / intensive inventory

Work Mode:

Fixed/hop frequency optional



RJ45, RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand, GPIO

Antenna Ports

8 SMA female ports; circular or linear polarization; near and far field compatible

General Purpose I/O

4 inputs (DC 0~24V), 4 outputs (DC_MAX:30V,2A; AC_MAX:125V,0.3A), optically isolated

Power supply

DC 24V/2.5A (DC 9V ~ 30V,30W)


Operating Temp.

-20 - +50°C

Storage Temp.

-30 - +50°C


5-95% non-condensing (+25℃)

    • Widely used in professional ODM / OEM split-type & integrated type RFID reader / writer 
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