2019's Hopeland Company Team Tour

2019's Hopeland Company Team Tour

  • 2019-12-12
We will be in the arms of the forest, tree house hot springs, flowing waterfalls, rural countryside ...

1. Gathering Tianmengou, which is more than 800 meters high. The whole area is covered by forests and there are long streams and waterfalls.

2. Soak in the hot spring on the tree
In the forest, breathing fresh air and soaking in hot springs, let people enter the "Avatar" world!

3. Watch the rainbow
Water flows from the Tianmengou (Bu Laoquan) diversion spring with a drop of 300 meters and forms a beautiful rainbow under the sunshine.

4. Ornamental sea of flowers
Pink daisies have a height of 30-90 cm and a width of 60-90 cm. They have beautiful green leaves and pink flowers.

5. Bamboo rafting
Sitting on a bamboo raft and drifting in the direction of the current, the climate in the scenic area is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful, making people forget the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the magic of nature.


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